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Prenatal Fitness - The Starting Line

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

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Prenatal fitness has come a long way since Lamaze Class, which was founded in 1960 after a decade of researching the proven method for healthier babies and families. Relaxation, breathing techniques for labor and parental training are highly recommended by doctors everywhere. But, if you lead an active lifestyle, chances are that you’ll crave something more to maintain your athleticism (and in my case, sanity).

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Through some quick research, it can be argued that prenatal fitness is an emerging trend, but isn’t mainstream yet. I found that only four out of the top 10 largest cities in the U.S. (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston) have at least one fitness center completely dedicated to prenatal and post-partum fitness. All 10 cities had prenatal yoga facilities, which also has trickled down into midsize cities like Indianapolis, Denver, Nashville, etc. Look forward to a post on FitTravelingMama on the benefits of prenatal yoga.

The leading facility, FPC in Manhattan, was praised in Fast Company last year and sounds worthy of a second trimester NYC BFF babymoon to experience the fab classes and atmosphere. If anyone has visited this gym, please send me a review!

SoulCycle Experience while six months pregnant, June 2018

If you aren’t a Manhattanite or don’t have the resources to visit FPC, FitPregnancy Magazine lists eight popular fitness activities that can be easily be modified for pregnant women and commonly have certified trainers (of course, always check with your provider first). I tried SoulCycle indoor spin class in Washington, D.C. when I was six months pregnant this summer and had a blast. There were several choreographed moves I had to scale or cut back on, but I still got my workout for the day!

The nearly 20-year-old Fit4Mom franchise is another terrific option for prenatal and postpartum fitness. With more than 1,400 locations spread across the U.S., including a Fit4Baby prenatal class added in 2008, Fit4Mom is widely accessible in most major cities and suburbs. Its fitness and wellness programs aim to help make moms strong in mind, body and spirit and provide a support system from prenatal, postpartum stage and beyond.

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I love empowering mamas and all women in general in fitness and wellness. If these options above don’t work for you or you’re still having trouble finding information or accessibility to prenatal/postpartum fitness, please shoot me an email at I’m happy to help in your maternal fitness journey!

P.S. With five full marathons and 12 half marathons under my belt, I’m also a digital running coach. I can help you create a running plan that’s catered to you and your specific needs – beginners to advanced. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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